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ReShape™ Weight Loss Balloon System

About the ReShape™ Gastric Balloon

The ReShape™ gastric balloon system uses two, connected gastric balloons to encourage weight loss. Patients lose weight when the balloons take up space in the stomach, so less food is needed to feel full. The program is also accompanied by an online portal to help patients maintain lifelong weight loss.

How Does ReShape™ Work?

In a quick outpatient procedure, two balloons are inserted through the mouth using an endoscope while the patient is under twilight sedation and the balloons are then inflated with saline. The balloons are attached to each other and stay in the stomach for six months. During the time they are in the stomach, patients will make diet and lifestyle changes as recommended by our doctors. After six months, they are removed in another quick outpatient procedure.

Benefits of ReShape™

  • Non-surgical The endoscopy to place and remove the balloons doesn’t use any sutures and uses only twilight sedation
  • Reversible No permanent implants or digestive system adjustments
  • Effective weight loss Gastric balloon patients lose, on average, more than twice as much weight than people using diet and exercise alone

Am I a Candidate?

Our doctors will be able to assess your health goals and recommend which gastric balloon is right for you. Generally people are candidates if they have been unable to successfully lose weight through diet and exercise alone and if they are ready to make a commitment to make long term lifestyle changes.

Want to Know More About ReShape Weight Loss Balloon?

Contact us if you would like to know if you are a candidate for ReShape™, contact us to schedule a consultation today. We will be happy to answer your questions about gastric balloons and weight loss.