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ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

What is the ORBERA® Weight Loss Balloon?

The ORBERA® Gastric Balloon is a single inflatable device made of soft silicone designed for weight loss for people who are moderately overweight. Together with the diet and lifestyle recommendations from the DFW Bariatric team, you can meet your weight loss goals for the long term. This nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedure is ideal for people looking to lose up to 40 lbs.

How Does the ORBERA® Balloon Work?

ORBERA® is a single balloon, placed through a quick non-surgical outpatient procedure. The deflated balloon is placed through the mouth into the stomach, using an endoscope while the patient is under a light sedation. The balloon is inflated with a sterile saline solution to about the size of the a grapefruit. The entire process takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes.

The ORBERA® Gastric Balloon remains in the stomach for six months and is removed through a similar procedure to the placement. During the first six months patients can expect to lose the most weight while the balloon creates a feeling of fullness.

Benefits of the ORBERA® Gastric Balloon

  • Non-surgical Gastric balloons are an effective weight loss options for people who don’t want to have, or don’t qualify for weight loss surgery.
  • Reversible the ORBERA® balloon is removed after 6 months
  • Quick the entire procedure takes about 30 minutes with little downtime needed after placement
  • Minimally Invasive there are minimal side effects and no permanent implants or digestive system adjustments
  • Effective Patients lose typically lose 26% of their excess weight and on average, more than 3x as much weight than people using diet and exercise alone

Am I a Candidate?

Patients who are interested in the ORBERA® Balloon must have a consultation with our surgeons to determine if they are a candidate. Patients who have previously had weight loss surgeries are not candidates for the gastric balloon.

Typically, people who meet the following criteria may be a candidate for ORBERA®:

  • 18-64 years old
  • Have a BMI of 27 or greater
  • Attempted to lose weight through diet and exercise without desired results
  • Be ready to commit to a yearlong weight loss program including long term nutrition and fitness changes

ORBERA® and Your Weight Loss Plan

ORBERA® is most effective for patients who are motivated to lose weight and make lifelong changes to maintain weight loss. Our practice believes people deserve to live healthfully and we provide the tools and resources to support them in the weight loss process.