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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Weight Loss Surgery Procedures Dallas Ft Worth Texas

Choosing your Treatment- You will be educated on your options to choose the right procedure for you.
DR. DAVID KIM: I’m often asked what kind of surgery should I have as the best operation for me, and I think that the best operation should be decided upon by a patient, in most cases. I think when a patient becomes educated with regards to the risks and the options, they will choose a surgical option that’s most appropriate for them, their risk tolerance, and their lifestyle.
It should be remembered that all the operations we perform are done laparoscopically. That means that we’re going to be making a series of small incisions, approximately five or six one inch incisions, as opposed to a six or ten inch incision along someone’s abdomen to do the surgery. This is important because the patient will recover quicker, they will have less pain, they will have a quicker return to work with a less chance of infection and hernia formation.
In addition to what I’ve said, I believe there is a benefit to laparoscopic surgery. I started performing open surgery years ago, and I found that my visualization was far superior with laparoscopic surgery. The scope can be maneuvered into every small area of the body, and this allows us to have superior visualization throughout the operation.
Finally it should be remembered that, though there are risks of every operation with regards to bariatric surgery, that the risks of doing nothing are far greater than the risks of these procedures, because we must remember that obesity is a disease, and patients can shorten their lifespan by as much as 20 years from living with this disease.

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