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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient Testimonial Dallas Texas

MELISSA: My 3 year old was only 2 after I had the surgery and I could not lift her for several weeks afterwards. But she understood and was great, and my relationship with her and my son totally changed. I’m a lot more active, I’m a lot more hands on parent than I was prior to having surgery, and I did not think that I could be more hands on, to be honest with you. And I get out in the front yard and in the backyard, and I play football, and baseball, and I’m just so much more active. And I can go to the gym now and not be embarrassed about what I look like, and I know it sounds weird, but overweight people, you have a fear of going to the gym, and that’s where you really need to be, and so even after–right from the beginning I started my walking in the hospital. I started my laps and my walking in the hospital, and I felt so much better and I was more confident in going to the gym, like I did belong there. It just has changed my life all the way around.

My work relationship; I have gotten a promotion within my job and it is just totally changed. I speak, I do public speaking in my job. I was pretty confident when I would get up in front of people I thought before, but now I’m even more confident in myself.

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