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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Lap-Band Weight Loss Surgery Dallas Ft Worth Texas Dr. David Kim

DR. DAVID KIM: LAP-BAND surgery basically involves encircling the top of the stomach with a prosthetic silicone band, much like the way a belt would be placed around your waist. It’s connected by tubing to a port, and this allows the band to be adjustable.
We can control the opening at the bottom of a pouch by putting more saline in or taking it out, and this will create a smaller or a larger opening, and this allows us to control the amount of food that you consume.
It’s advantages are that it is adjustable, as I have mentioned. The concept is more simple to understand than the other operations, therefore making it simpler. It is safer, it takes about 30 minutes to perform, there is no cutting or stapling, and this means that there is a less complication rate at the time of surgery.
It also means that because there is no alteration of the intestinal tract, that a patient will not require extra vitamins, just one multivitamin without the concern of vitamin deficiencies. Yet it does allow someone to lose weight, that of approaching a gastric bypass surgery. Just a little bit slower however, at about a pound or two per week. So a patient’s weight loss goal will ultimately be about two to three years from the time of implant.
It also has an advantage of allowing patients to return to work in a slightly shorter period of time than the other operations.

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