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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Lap Band Surgical Weight Loss Surgery Patient Experience Dallas Texas

MR. BOB OXFORD: Hi, I’m Bob Oxford. I came to see Dr. Kim back in April of 2005 because I had hit an all time high of 424 pounds, 56 inch waist and a 5X shirt, and I just had no energy, and knew if I had another heart attack–I’ve had one before, that I probably would never survive it, and was just tired of sleep apnea, the diabetes, the whole nine yards.
So I heard his commercial on the radio going to work one morning, called Pam, gave her the information, and got everything scheduled to come in, said it’s time for a change.
I met Dr. Kim actually at the symposium. Then when I came in to meet the staff and talk to them I was afraid they would look at me like oh, you’re just another fat person. But they actually looked at me as hey, you’re just a person. It don’t matter what you weigh, let’s help you do what you need to have done. They were all very positive, very caring, very concerned.
I guess the most significant overall change in me has been my energy level and my self-confidence. Before I was not the kind of person that would get up and talk in front of somebody or a group of people, and now it’s like I can’t keep my mouth shut. I come to his once a month symposiums and I’m more than happy to get up in front of the crowd, tell them my story, and answer any questions.
I finally discovered that I like to go shopping, I have more energy, I finally bought a bicycle, the first one I’ve owned in, oh, 20 something years. You don’t have to be ashamed of this type of surgery, that this is actually for most people a life saving surgery.

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