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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Lap-Band Bariatric Surgery Dallas Ft Worth Texas

DR. DAVID KIM: Welcome to our website and hello. I’m Dr. David Kim. I’m a bariatric surgeon and director of the Kim Bariatrics Center For Bariatric Surgery. Through numerous years of practice I understand the hardships, both physical and emotional, that my patients experience with living with their weight problems.
I love bariatric surgery because of what it can offer for my patients. My patients are allowed to improve the quality of their life, as well as get rid of their medical problems.
MELISSA: I’m a lot more active, I’m a lot more hands on parent than I was prior to having surgery.
MR. JOSÉ AGUILAR: I thought I will never get married. I now–I’m seeing someone and I do intend to get married in the next 12 months. If it wasn’t for the surgery I would probably be single.
DR. DAVID KIM: So please, take the time to visit our website. We feel that it is a privilege you have come to find out more about us. Learn about the many exciting, permanent cures that we can provide through surgical options so that you can improve your life. It is my personal mission statement to you that we will provide the finest surgical care available with dignity and compassion. There are many men and women here at the center who are devoted in helping you through the entire surgical process. I feel that possibly the greatest tragedy of all is to be merely alive, but not to live, so please allow us the opportunity to help you live life again.
KELLY: I get to go to my doctor and I don’t have to take my blood pressure medicine anymore, and he’s impressed with the clean bill of health and how much healthier, how much better I’m doing.

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