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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Lap-Band Bariatric Surgeon Dallas Fort Worth Texas

MS. PAM KATEKARU: Dr. David Kim is our bariatric surgeon. He’s an excellent surgeon. He’s got experience in general, vascular, and weight loss surgery. He did surgery on my sister in 2004. He did a gastric bypass and she’s doing very well. She’s maintained her weight loss for the last four years.
He’s been awarded the Center of Excellence as a surgeon. He’s been the top doctor in Fort Worth in 2007. The staff at the hospital awarded him the Doctor of the Year. Dr. David Kim is an excellent surgeon. I’ve been working with him since 2003, and we’ve seen lives transform, lives change for the better.
DR. DAVID KIM: I completed my medical school at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. Afterwards I performed a general surgery residency in Cleveland, Ohio. I furthered my education at Ohio State University, performing a vascular surgery fellowship, but the most rewarding part of my education was my bariatric surgery fellowship at the Medical College of Virginia, which I completed in 2002.
Since that time I have successfully operated on over 1,000 patients in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, creating the first Center of Excellence Program in Fort Worth. We are very proud of this designation, because it means that we have performed numerous surgeries successfully.
Our patients have amongst the lowest complication rates within the country. I appreciate bariatric surgery because of what it can do for my patients. My patients suffer from physical and emotional health issues, and this is largely because of their weight. When the weight then comes off after surgery, many of their problems will go away.

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