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Gastric Sleeve Patient Testimonial Dallas Ft Worth Texas

MR. JOSÉ AGUILAR: My name is José Aguilar and I’ve been overweight for the last seven or eight years. One of the reasons my I wanted to go ahead and proceed with the surgery instead of dieting was because I almost had a stroke on January 1st of 2007. I like to travel a lot, and in 2006 I was in China, I almost passed out and because of my overweight, so that was not a life, so I decided to do something about my weight, to go ahead and proceed with gastric sleeve resection, and so far I’m very pleased with the results. I have lost about 111 pounds and I don’t regret it. The only regret that I have is not doing anything about my weight in the last eight years. I could have been somewhere right now if I had done this eight years ago. And I was walking back to work two weeks after surgery, and I was flying exactly on the same day I went back to work. So I didn’t have any complications, the recovery was really fast. Overall the surgery exceeded my expectations.
The most significant change in my life has been my health improvement. Prior to surgery I was pre-diabetic; I had a lot of comorbidities that were making my life very unpleasant. Well, after surgery most of those things were gone, including hypertension, headaches, migraine. I don’t have any pre-diabetic condition.
Another thing that changed my life drastically was my love life. I was obese most of my, well, the last eight, nine years, and I never dated during that time. I never went out with friends. I was deprived from society, and the surgery brought a lot of benefit, not only health, but economic wise. Now I’m saving a lot of money on food because I don’t buy groceries anymore, I just pay for a meal at the restaurant and I eat, like, for two full days out of it.

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