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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery Patient Experience Dallas Ft Worth Texas

LAUREN: Hi I’m Lauren and I started considering gastric bypass surgery when I was 24 years old, which is a few years ago, and that was before gastric bypass was publicized on TV, and I did a lot of internet research, but that really wasn’t what I was ready for at that moment. I then had my daughter, and at my highest weight I was 300 pounds, and I started looking at obesityhelp.com, and I started reading testimony from some of Dr. Kim’s patients, and I decided to come in for the seminar.
My daughter, when she was a year old, I had a situation and this is what got me thinking about surgery again. We were at the park and there was this jungle gym, it’s one of those dome jungle gyms. And she crawled in the middle and started shoving rocks down her throat, and I couldn’t get to her, you know? And the park was empty, and I couldn’t fit through this jungle gym to get to her, and of course she’s, like, a year old, you know, she wasn’t listening to me, so I had to go run and get a little 7 year old go come and pull her out of there. And at that point, you know, it was my duty as a mother to have the ability to protect my child, and I didn’t like the idea that my weight, you know, could stand in-between me being there for her.
The most significant change in my life since surgery is definitely that I feel like I’m unburied and I can be seen for who I am, you know? Before I could have all the potential in the world, but part of achieving your potential is other people believing it, and it was very hard for me to get over that. So I definitely–it’s the best thing I ever did in my life because of that reason.
The thing about Dr. Kim is not only is he a talented surgeon, but, you know, you can just tell by the people that have done surgery with him, how they just love–they love him, they love the hospital, you know, they’ve just all had a good experience. So that is definitely something I’d like to tell people.

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