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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Fast Track Program For Bariatric Surgery Dallas Ft Worth Texas

DR. DAVID KIM: The Fast Track Program is designed for patients who have decided that they want surgery as soon as possible. Oftentimes when patients have decided that they want an operation they want it to be performed in a couple of weeks and maybe within a month, and not six months, which is often required when somebody enters the entire insurance process because of all the steps that many insurance companies require.
Most of our patients entering the Fast Track Program have already had insurance approvals elsewhere or they would like to seek patient financing to pay cash for these operations to bypass the insurance step.
My patients will then come in, have a private consultation with me, we will assist them in financial matters. After surgery has been approved we will then enroll you into Bariatric University, where we teach you as much as possible about the surgery you have chosen, and how best to take care of yourself. After the operation you will become a permanent part of our Kim Bariatrics Center Program, and you’ll be invited to follow up in our after care programs, as well as the support groups to ensure that you continue to do well.

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