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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Certified Bariatric Nurse Coordinator Dallas Fort Worth Texas (TX)

DR. DAVID KIM: I’m very proud of the people we have at the Center. There are many dedicated men and women who have devoted their professional careers in helping people get through the entire surgical process. We have wonderful nurses here. Pam, who is a certified bariatric nurse coordinator. She has 18 years of experience. She’s devoted to patients throughout the entire process, and I don’t think there is a finer patient advocate than her.
MS. PAM KATEKARU: I’m involved in every part of the process, and that is very rewarding for me, because I see them from the very beginning at seminar, when they’re struggling, and then after surgery when they’re enjoying their successes.
I help the patients through the process. We start out with the seminar, where we educate them on the different procedures. I help them get insurance approval. After they’re approved for surgery they go and see Dr. Kim, and then I do the pre-op education for them. I see them in the hospital after surgery, and then I run the support group for them, so when they come together once a month we have a support group.

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