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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Bariatric Post Operative Treatment Dallas Ft Worth Texas Dr. David Kim

MS. PAM KATEKARU: After your surgery you’ll see Dr. Kim in his office in follow up appointments frequently that first year, and then after that you’ll see him on an annual basis. At any time during your post operative period your recovery, and you have questions, you can feel free to call us for any questions you have or any concerns you have. We’ve got plenty of people here in the office that can answer those questions for you. Dr. Kim gave you a tool, but now it’s up to you to start implementing.
We’re still here to help you. We’re not going to leave you out there, wondering what to do. We can answer questions, you can come to support group, get the support from other patients who have gone through the same thing you’ve gone through, and we want you to be successful.

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