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A NEW ME – Kiki’s Weight Loss Surgery Docu-Series

Kiki Hyatt is a single mom who has struggled with weight her entire life. After many failed diets, she decided to have the Inverted Gastric Sleeve.

Kiki has created a video documentary series, A NEW ME, to capture the triumphs and struggles of her weight loss journey and to reflect back on how far she has come.

Since Kiki’s first video in July, she has received some incredible encouragement and feedback. Kiki hopes that, through this docu-series, she inspires others to live healthier lives.

We hope that you enjoy watching A NEW ME, Kiki’s Weight Loss Journey!

Part 1 – Kiki’s Decision to Have Weight Loss Surgery

Part 2 – Kiki Prepares for her David Kim Inverted Gastric Sleeve™ Procedure

Part 3 – Kiki on the Day Surgery & First Few Days Post-Op

Part 4 – Kiki’s Follow Up with Dr. David Kim & Her 2 Weeks Post Op Check-in

Part 5 – Kiki Has Her 1 Month Post Op Check In & Talks About How She Feels

Part 6 – Kiki Is 8 Weeks Post Op and Down 40 Pounds

Part 7 – Kiki Goes Shopping; She Is Down Six Sizes And 62 Pounds

Part 8 – Kiki’s Final Chapter

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