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Crystal’s Weight Loss Surgery Story #ChangingMoreLives

“My wake-up call was when I was told that I couldn’t proceed with a necessary medical surgery because I probably wouldn’t survive.” – Crystal

Crystal's Weight Loss Results

*Individual Results May Vary

Procedure: Inverted Gastric Sleeve
Heaviest Weight: 346 pounds
Weight Lost: 187 pounds

My Weight Loss Story*

Dreams. Hope. Life. These words have never meant so much to me as they do now.

My weight loss journey began like many you’ve heard before. I come from a family that’s struggled with obesity for generations. Food has always been tied to emotion. We ate when we were happy. We ate when we were sad. And we almost always chose processed, non-nutritious food. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a small child. I was placed on my first medically supervised diet in third grade. I continued to gain weight throughout high school and into my twenties and thirties.

So many things became difficult in my daily life. I had anxiety when going out to eat. Would I fit in the booth? Did they have chairs without arms, because the arms always cut into my sides? How would I navigate through tight spaces and around people if I needed to go to the bathroom? I rarely ever went to buffets because I didn’t want to be a cliché. Constantly sweating while walking, always being out of breath, and terrified of climbing stairs. Needing to search endlessly for wide sized shoes that fit my feet and any clothes I could find in my size. Battling fatigue and struggling with bathing and dressing myself. Having to shop for a car based on how I fit behind the steering wheel. The stares and comments from complete strangers.

Crystal's Results

*Individual Results May Vary

I suffered a huge emotional setback when my dad passed away at 49 due to complications from diabetes and obesity. I think my wakeup call came when I was told that I couldn’t proceed with a medically necessary neck surgery because I probably would not survive the procedure. I was 5’2” and weighed 346 pounds. I suffered from sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I had constant joint, foot, and lower back pain. I was told by a doctor that I will require knee surgery at some point because the excess weight has worn out the joints.

I had always thought about weight loss surgery and how it could be utilized to help change my life. I had previously attended bariatric seminars and spoken with two physicians at other clinics and I didn’t come away impressed after either of those appointments. I had heard and seen DFW Bariatric’s advertisements and watched a local television special that showcased Nate Newton’s journey. That’s when my husband had coincidentally spoken to one of our former coworkers that told us about her great experience with DFW Bariatric. I decided to schedule a consultation. From the very first moment I walked through the doors, it felt right. The DFW Bariatric Institute staff is so welcoming and friendly. The doctors took the time to explain all of my options thoroughly and answered any questions I had. We agreed that the Inverted Gastric Sleeve would be the perfect fit for me. I was nervous about the cost due to being a cash patient, but the DFW Bariatric team made my surgery very affordable and found ways to save me money.

My surgery took place on December 1, 2014. It was such a surreal feeling. I was so anxious because I thought somehow the surgery would be delayed or cancelled. I had these thoughts until the moment they took me to the operating room and then I slowly began to realize this was going to happen! The surgery went very well and I immediately began to see results. I also was given the best after care follow up and nutritional tools. DFW Bariatric Institute has a fantastic support network as well. The doctors at DFW have said from the beginning that bariatric surgery is a tool and, if utilized correctly, can lead to great results. They’re absolutely right. I started my journey at the most unhealthy I had ever been and have since lost 188lbs and am feeling great! My sleep apnea, hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol have all been cured. My joint, foot, and lower back pain are all much improved. I’m able to eat right and work out consistently, something I thought I could never do.

CC After

The wonderful team at DFW Bariatric Institute have given me the tools and support I so desperately needed. They’ve helped me take my life back and can do the same for you. Pick yourself up and start fighting today.

Start dreaming. Start hoping. Start living.

*Individual Results May Vary

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