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Christine Carter’s Weight Loss Surgery Story #ChangingMoreLives

Weight Loss Hero

Christine Carter’s transformational weight loss journey has inspired a generation of people suffering from obesity to take control of their health. After a significant weight gain in her early 20’s, Christine was struggling with numerous health issues. She attempted many diets, but was not able to achieve long lasting weight loss success. She was able to turn it all around when she contacted the DFW Bariatric Institute for help.

Empowering herself and others to achieve their weight loss goals has been a major part of Christine’s journey. With over one hundred thousand followers on social media, Christine has become one of the most influential weight loss advocates in the world. We are honored to be part of Christine’s story and we are so proud of her remarkable transformation.

Christine’s Weight Loss Journey

“I had to fight for my life, I had to fight for my health.”

After gaining over 110 pounds in her early 20’s Christine’s obesity took an immense toll on both her physical and mental wellbeing. She was making weekly doctors appointments to address numerous ailments that were a direct result of her weight, and she was prescribed depression and anxiety medications due to low self esteem. Christine knew it was time to make a drastic change, but her attempts at weight loss were failing. She turned to the experienced team at DFW Bariatric Institute for weight loss surgery to regain her health.


*Individual Results May Vary

About Christine Carter’s Weight Loss Surgery

Considering Christine’s weight loss goals and the success of laparoscopic gastric sleeve resection, also known as vertical gastric sleeve, Christine and the surgical team at DFW Bariatric decided this would be an ideal option. Through weight loss surgery, healthy eating, and exercise Christine has lost over 150 pounds and maintains her ideal weight.


*Individual Results May Vary

Life After Weight Loss Surgery

“You can’t have the wait until Monday mentality, you have to start right now.”

*Individual Results May Vary

Like many patients, Christine struggled initially to change her diet and lifestyle. While she lost weight due to restricted portions, she was still eating poorly and not seeing the results she had hoped for. After hitting an emotional bottom, Christine dedicated herself to changing her behavior. She cleaned up her diet and committed to a fitness routine, and began to see results.

Once Christine committed to healthy habits, she was able to utilize her weight loss surgery as a powerful tool to launch her toward a life that was healthier and happier in every way. As she lost weight, her self esteem grew and her physical health recovered. Today, Christine no longer has weekly doctor’s visits or numerous prescriptions. Even better, she feels that she is living the life she was meant to live and she is able to inspire others daily.

Recently a number of large media sources started reporting on Christine’s phenomenal journey and with that she has continued to step up to the plate and be a source of inspiration for others struggling with both weight and self esteem issues. With a large social media following and continued interest in her incredible story, Christine has become a prominent figure in the weight loss community where she works to help other people.

We pride ourselves in creating a welcoming and supportive community for all of our patients and are happy to announce that Christine will be a featured member of our community and continue to inspire others through both social media and DFW Bariatric events.

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