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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Chad’s Weight Loss Surgery Story #ChangingMoreLives

“I suffered from knee and back pain, had high cholesterol and feared that I may have a heart attack on the job. DFW Bariatric Institute turned it all around.” – Chad

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*Individual Results May Vary

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Heaviest Weight: 335 pounds
Weight Lost: 130 pounds

My Weight Loss Story

I decided to have the surgery because my health and weight were becoming a problem. My knees and back were constantly hurting and I had high cholesterol and blood pressure. I had tried many different programs with varying degrees of success over the years but nothing lasted.chad chadwick at UFC on right

Since the surgery I have been able to exercise without days of knee and back pain afterward. As a firefighter, the weight loss has made my job much easier and I no longer fear having a heart attack while on the job. The nutrition classes were also a huge help in changing how I look at food and shopping healthy has now become a way of life. The surgery truly changed my life and no doubt added years to it.

chad chad wick current


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