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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Support Group Information

“No man is an Island… …He/She is a part of the main.”

-John Donne

A decade of weight loss surgery has lead us to believe strongly in this quote. Here at DFW Bariatric Institute, we believe surgery provides the tools for success. Our network of great patients and instructors at DFW Bariatric Institute provide encouragement, education, and inspiration to push you to the next level.

DFW Bariatric Institute Support Group Calendar

Below is our interactive Support Group calendar. You can use the tabs on the top right to see the entries by week, month, or as a list. More information will be posted as the date approaches. If you would like to be emailed information on the upcoming event, sign up for our newsletter.


Support Group Videos

Your new life is busy enough, so instead of asking you to take time out of your busy schedule to attend a support group meeting at our offices, we are bringing them to you. A new video is posted here and on our Facebook page the first Monday of every month. The videos, hosted by one of our Doctors, Clinic Staff, Dietitian and/or Workout Coaches, cover a number of topics germane to our patient’s journey. You can join the discussions on our Facebook page, website, or e-mail the video host with any questions you have relating to the video topic for the week following it’s posting.

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