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Weight Loss Surgery Revision – A Second Chance

At DFW Bariatric Institute, weight loss revision surgery, or bariatric revision surgery, is about giving patients a second chance. The decision to undergo a weight loss procedure is only the beginning of the journey. Some patients may not respond well to their first operation with insufficient weight loss. Bariatric revision procedures are for those patients who didn’t lose enough weight in the initial operation. Having performed many gastric bypass, LAP-BAND® System, and gastric sleeve procedures, the DFW Bariatric Institute is uniquely qualified to perform weight loss revision surgeries. Because of our vast experience with this increasingly complex procedure, patients across Texas and beyond seek our expertise when in need of additional weight loss surgery. Some patients may have suffered a complication with their first operation, and our weight loss surgeons are capable of correcting these complications

The DFW Bariatric Institute is a rarity among bariatric surgery practices because we specialize in a wide spectrum of weight loss procedures. Our extensive experience and expansive grasp of the complexities of each weight loss procedure provides the insight needed to understand why some patients do not reach their goals. Our practice appreciates the opportunity to help patients who have struggled with their first weight loss surgery because we strongly believe we can provide patients with effective tools to succeed in their pursuit of a healthier, happier life. In our experience, the DFW Bariatric Institute has also found weight loss revision surgery tends to be one of the most successful procedures; a fact we attribute to the increased commitment to making the right choices as patients pursue meaningful weight loss and a healthy transformation.

In most cases of revision bariatric surgery at our practice, patients have had their first procedure elsewhere. The most common reason patients provide when considering weight loss revision surgery is an unsatisfactory loss of weight after their first procedure; however, the reasons for pursuing a revision surgery can be as varied and complex as the procedures themselves. To fully diagnose a patient’s weight loss needs, and determine if they qualify for bariatric revision surgery, the DFW Bariatric Institute urges potential patients to contact us to make an appointment for a private consultation.

The LAP-BAND® System is one of the most common weight loss procedures. Our surgeons believe the gastric banding system is an excellent tool that allows patients to lose a considerable amount of weight; however, we also believe the procedure is not successful for a specific subset of patients. When a patient has not done well with the banding system, the next step in the weight loss process is often to remove the band and perform the gastric sleeve operation. Below is a list of common reasons for bariatric revision surgery, whether a patient is unhappy with the results of their first procedure, or experienced a complication that hindered their weight loss journey.

A number of alternatives to an unsuccessful LAP-BAND® procedure exist for patients struggling to cope with the frustration of insufficient weight loss. One of the most popular choices at our practice is the gastric sleeve surgery, as this procedure often presents a viable solution to a number of the complications listed above.

While the gastric sleeve surgery presents a number of advantages over the LAP-BAND® system, bariatric revision surgery is still a serious procedure, with its own set of risks and complications to consider. Additionally, as with any weight loss procedure, no guarantee can be for weight loss success. However, the DFW Bariatric Institute stresses that a positive outlook supported by extensive experience can lead to meaningful weight loss and a second chance at living the life our patients desire. Ultimately, that’s what weight loss revision surgery is all about.

With thousands of gastric sleeve surgeries performed, and a complication rate of less than 1%, patients have come from across the U. S. for a consultation at the DFW Bariatric Institute, whether they are considering their first weight loss surgery, or bariatric revision surgery. If you are unsatisfied with your weight loss following the LAP-BAND® procedure, or another weight loss surgery, and you are willing to commit to the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, you owe it yourself to contact the DFW Bariatric Insitute to review the available options in a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced surgeons.

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