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New Obesity Study in England Finds Dramatic Reduction in Type-2 Diabetes after Weight Loss Surgery

ThelancetObesity is a problem that knows no geographic bounds. According to a recent BBC News article by Health Editor James Gallagher, one in four adults in England is classified as obese, and doctors in the United Kingdom are taking a hard look at the results of a new study that shows a dramatic reduction in type-2 diabetes in patients who had weight loss surgery to combat morbid obesity.

The study appeared in a specialty journal called The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Of the nearly 5,000 people who were examined in the study, 2,167 of them had bariatric surgery, and 2,167 had no surgical weight loss treatment. The BBC News article says results of the study showed the rate of type-2 diabetes in those who had the surgery was reduced by 80%.

Since diabetes is a major health risk associated with obesity, the article says the UK’s National Health Service may now be considering expanding its offering of obesity surgery to many more people in England in order to lower the risk of developing the condition.

You can read the full BBC News article on weight loss surgery and diabetes here.

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