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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Dr. David Kim and Our Bariatric Surgery Professionals Believe in the Team-Based Approach

Photo - Team of DoctorsOur previous blog post discussed a recent article from the Wall Street Journal’s website on the team-based approach to patient care, a trend that seems to be steadily growing in the medical industry. Many people are familiar with the traditional one-on-one doctor-patient relationship; however, the team-based approach involves a doctor overseeing a patient’s treatment and coordinating his or her healthcare with a group of other professionals.

Although other doctors may be reluctant to changing their method of care, Kim Bariatric Institute adopted the team-based approach years ago.  Dr. David D. Kim and Dr. Bridget Holden direct each patient’s treatment while working with a team of bariatric professionals to assist the patient throughout the process. Our team consists of certified physician assistants, medical assistants, dieticians, insurance coordinators, and other healthcare professionals who all collaborate with the doctor and each other, aiming to provide patients with the most exceptional care possible. We also have a scheduling manager, new patient coordinator, and bariatric nurse coordinator to support each individual patient.

Everyone on our staff has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of patients through the weight loss surgery process, and our collaborative approach is one of the hallmarks of Kim Bariatric Institute. Dr. Kim always emphasizes that our goal is to offer you a supportive and personalized experience during your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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