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Join Our Free Post-Bariatric Surgery Boot Camp Workout Sessions with Three-Time Super Bowl Champ Nate Newton!

shutterstock_205290928Kim Bariatric Institute prides itself on giving our patients the tools they need to lose weight and lead active, healthier lives. As part of our weight loss surgery support program, our practice partners with former professional football player Nate Newton, a three-time Super Bowl Champ, who is offering free boot camp workouts to help patients maintain an effective exercise routine after bariatric surgery. Many of the sessions are held at Downsize Fitness in Dallas, which offers a comfortable workout environment for weight loss surgery patients.

Nate is one of Kim Bariatric Institute’s brightest success stories. In 2010, Nate weighed in at 396 pounds. Looking to change his life and reduce significant risks to his health, Nate decided to have gastric sleeve surgery from Dr. David D. Kim. In under a year, Nate was nearly 170 pounds lighter. Today, he is leading Drop Weight with Nate, a free exercise program Nate and members of our KBI team offer that includes aerobics, strength, core, and circuit training. Nate also attends local race events sponsored by our practice where he coaches and encourages participants.

After his successful experience with us, Nate is very passionate about helping others renew their lives after bariatric surgery. You can view a video chat we conducted with Nate to celebrate the fourth anniversary of his surgery here. In the video, which was made last year, Nate talks about his weight loss journey and how much his life has changed.

We are so proud to partner with this exceptional Dallas Cowboy for Drop Weight with Nate. It is a welcome addition to our comprehensive Life after Weight Loss Surgery program, and we hope you’ll have as much fun participating as we have!

If you have questions about our support programs, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Kim Bariatric Institute today.

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