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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Same Day Gastric Balloon


The DFW Bariatric Institute is committed to helping people change their lives, and we offer the gastric balloon as a non-surgical option for effective weight loss for moderately overweight patients. We have streamlined the process for the gastric balloon to make it possible for you to have the gastric balloon inserted on the same day as your initial appointment, which enables you to limit the time missed at work and reduce time spent traveling to multiple appointments. The gastric balloon requires minimal recovery time, so you can resume regular activities quickly and start your weight loss journey sooner.

How the Gastric Balloon Works

A gastric balloon is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical, making it a great option for people who need help with weight loss but are not willing or able to undergo weight loss surgery. We understand that committing to a surgical procedure a big decision, and not the right choice for everyone, so we are happy to offer this very effective non-invasive option. The balloon is inserted through the mouth while the patient is lightly sedated. The balloon is filled with sterile saline, and while it is in place for six months it provides a feeling of fullness and reduces appetite. The gastric balloon is part of a managed weight loss program that includes one year of nutritional counseling, so patients learn the skills they need to maintain weight loss after the balloon is removed.

Same Day Insertion with the ReShape™ or ORBERA™ Gastric Balloon

The DFW Bariatric Institute offers two types of gastric balloon, the ReShape™ gastric balloon and the ORBERA™ gastric balloon. The ReShape™ gastric balloon has two connected balloons which conform to the shape of the stomach to provide increased safety, and take up more volume than other gastric balloons, so it prevents hunger more effectively. Patients also receive one year of one-on-one nutritional counseling and access to an exclusive online portal that has tools to encourage weight loss success. The other option is the ORBERA™ gastric balloon, which is a single balloon system with six months of nutritional support. Read our procedural page to learn more about the different types of gastric balloons available for same day insertion.

Steps to Same Day Insertion

1. Begin by determining if you may be a candidate for Gastric Balloon Same Day insertion.

2. The next step is to call our practice at 817-440-4791 or submit an email inquiry through our contact form and complete our Medical History Packet, once complete email your form to the address on the form. A member of our team will review your medical history and call you to schedule your appointment and discuss payment. Once your appointment is secured, one of our experts will call you at least 3 days prior to discuss pre-procedure diet and answer any questions you may have.

Same Day Insertion Process

On the morning of your appointment you will attend a pre-procedure class with one of our weight loss surgeons and our DFW Bariatric Institute dietician. In this class you’ll review the insertion procedure and post-procedure diet, and learn valuable information that will aid in your gastric balloon weight loss journey. In addition, patients receiving the ReShape™balloon will be provided with a fitbit and access to the ReShape™ patient portal, which features tools for goal setting, weight logging, food journaling, activity tracking, articles, recipes, community forums for inspiration and motivation, and important reminders. These weight loss tools will be reviewed during the pre-procedure class. You will then meet with your physician to review any questions you have before a nurse accompanies you to be prepared for the procedure.

After Insertion

You will have a follow up appointment with your physician 3 to 4 days after your gastric balloon is inserted. You will also have one on one nutritional counseling with our dietician to help you create a healthy diet plan that will enable weight loss success. Follow up appointments and nutritional counseling can be scheduled as a video conference call if preferred.

What results can I expect?

Patients typically lose 31% of their excess weight and are able to maintain that loss, or lose more weight, after the ReShape™ balloon is removed. Your success will depend on your commitment to healthy lifestyle changes. Patients who adhere to diet and exercise guidelines have better success with the gastric balloon. However, each patient’s success is individual and very much depends on their commitment to embracing a healthy lifestyle and adhering to program guidelines. After the gastric balloon supportive weight loss program ends, some patients opt for continued support through the DFW Bariatric Medical Weight Loss Program.

Contact us to learn more about the Same Day Gastric Balloon and say goodbye to unsuccessful fad diets and hello to a healthier new you.

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