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Join Us For A Live Chat With Nate Newton!

Here is a Recap Video of Nate’s Live Chat


At DFW Bariatric Institute, we’re excited to announce that former Dallas Cowboy offensive lineman and three-time Super Bowl champion Nate Newton is celebrating his fourth anniversary of weight loss surgery. In 2010, Nate, who weighed 396 pounds, underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Just under a year after his surgery, Nate had lost nearly 170 pounds, and today, he remains one of DFW Bariatric Institute’s standout success stories.

To celebrate Nate’s four year bariatric surgery anniversary, we will be hosting a live chat with the Dallas Cowboy great on Saturday, April 12th at 11am (CST).

During our live chat, Nate will be present at DFW to answer your most popular Facebook questions and tweets. The event is also a great opportunity for all participants to win some amazing prizes, including:

  • BariNutrition (protein powder for weight loss)
  • A FitBit wireless device
  • Other helpful weight loss related tools and more!

For any patient who has ever had a question about the bariatric surgery process, ranging from the consultation, to the operation, to the life changes after surgery, this is a great way to hear a firsthand perspective of the experience. On behalf of all our staff here at DFW, we sincerely hope you’ll be able to join us!

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