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Dr. Kim and Ben Rogers Pursue Weight Loss Success in Dallas

Following the extremely successful weight loss journey of former Dallas Cowboys star Nate Newton, another ESPN commentator is teaming up with Dallas weight loss surgeon Dr. David Kim. Big Ben Rogers, co-host of the Ben and Skin Show on 103.3 FM, ESPN in Dallas, has undergone the vertical sleeve gastrectomy as he begins his own weight loss experience.

Dr. Kim Teams up with ESPN Commentator in Dallas

Big Ben has lost a total of 60 pounds, down from his beginning weight of 346 pounds. While he was initially apprehensive about the entire process, Big Ben says he immediately connected with Dr. Kim at the initial consultation: “I felt remarkably comfortable with him in a very short duration.” After a great deal of research and emotional preparation, Big Ben decided to undergo the vertical sleeve procedure to begin the next chapter of his life.
Follow Big Ben’s journey and track his overall weight loss on Dr. Kim’s Dallas bariatric surgery website, then call Dr. Kim’s office to schedule your initial consultation.

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