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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute


Erlinda N. – Lost 120 pounds*

“I have experienced incredible changes in my life after losing over 120 lbs with weight loss surgery. I no longer have high blood pressure. I also no longer have sleep apnea or have to use a CPAP machine. I feel wonderful and can do so much more than before. I take a yoga class, walk, swim, and have a new passion…golf. I began taking lessons and have found skills and abilities I never knew I possessed! I’m having a blast! I’m looking forward to going to a water park for the first time ever and having adventures I never thought possible. I am so happy that I took this life changing step and highly recommend DFW Bariatric Institute.”

Saida V. – Lost 60 pounds*

“Having surgery has been an extremely positive life change for me… In 10 weeks I have lost over 60 pounds. From a size 18/20 clothes size three months ago to a size 10 today! I am so thankful to DFW Bariatric Institute… I would have never known what a happy and beautiful person I could be without them!”

Kathy D. – Lost 161 pounds*

“There are no words to express the amount of change that weight loss surgery has brought to my life. I am a 54 year old female. Yes the surgery worked even at my age. There were so many things I was unable to do before the surgery that I blamed on age. It wasn’t my age at all, it was the weight. My life has completely changed. I am 30 again…The day of my surgery, February 5, 2007, I weighed 299 pounds. Today, May 14, 2008, I weigh 138 and wear a size 6…I feel so good about myself now and I am now engaged to the most wonderful man in the world. The surgery saved my life!”

John E. – Lost 90 pounds*

“I went to a seminar and left there with complete ease, feeling like the DFWBI team cared about me and my health. We met for the first office visit, and I was totally impressed…I never felt rushed in the office, and always felt they cared…like you are the only one in the office…My surgery was completed and I am now down 90 pounds…The biggest part of recovery comes from the encouragement they give. Everyone is always positive and explains in a positive way what you need to change and why…I feel I owe DFW Bariatric at this point my life… it is now going in the right direction.”

Vivian P. – Lost 140 pounds*

“First off….this surgery will give you your life back. It is a total life changing surgery and I feel like I owe DFW Bariatric my life since they restored mine to me. My weight ballooned up to 273 lbs before my surgery. I have successfully lost and maintained a 140 lb weight loss… This is the wisest and best decision that I have ever made for myself and I am so very proud of all my accomplishments…This is the most amazing journey that anyone could ever take and the DFW Bariatric Institute staff will all be there to hold your hand and lead you down the road to your success.”

*results will vary

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