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Recent Study Confirms: Skill and Experience Matters Greatly when Choosing a Weight Loss Surgeon

Choosing-weight-loss-surgeonA report in the Los Angeles Times recently cited a study which found that technical skill and the number of operations performed by a practicing bariatric surgeon made a significant difference in complication and mortality rates. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the best surgeons consistently performed more bariatric surgery procedures than the others. It also found them to be faster in the operating room. When focusing on a particular procedure such as laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, the study found that surgeons with skill levels in the bottom 25% had patients who experienced more than four times the number of complications at the surgical site, as well as four times the number of pulmonary complications.

The study is reaffirmation of some of the most important aspects of what to look for in a bariatric surgeon. These factors include:

  • Board-certification
  • Number of cases performed
  • Complication rate
  • Aftercare that is consistent and easy to access

Ultimately, individuals considering bariatric surgery should do thorough research into their options, review the practice’s website, and never be hesitant to ask questions about a doctor’s biography, history, and credentials.

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