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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute


Dr. David D. Kim Makes the List of America’s Top Doctors® Once Again!

The bariatric surgeons at Kim Bariatric Institute are dedicated to providing patients with the most effective weight loss surgery treatment options and the absolute best in overall care. Dr. David D. Kim created our comprehensive bariatric surgery program with the goal of giving individuals the tools they need to successfully fight morbid obesity and reduce…

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Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon Emphasizes Importance of Informed Consent

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Dr. David D. Kim explains the importance of choosing a board certified surgeon and educating patients with regard to weight loss surgery, in addition to highlighting the insurance approval process. Dallas, TX—Informed consent, the process of educating a patient about a treatment plan and receiving permission to perform the procedure, should be the foundation for…

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Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon On the Team-Based Approach to Healthcare

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Bariatric surgeon David D. Kim, MD discusses a recent article covering a new method of patient care: the team-based approach. Dallas, TX – According to an article published earlier this year on the Wall Street Journal‘s website, some medical practices in the U.S. are adopting the team-based approach to care over the traditional doctor-patient relationship….

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