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Benefits of a Pre-Op Diet

Since many of our patients here at DFW Bariatric Institute tell us that they are “stress-eaters,” it can be difficult for them to imagine the notion of undertaking a liquid diet before their weight loss surgery – a time when most individuals would feel stressful and anxious. However, our surgeons typically recommend a pre-operative liquid…

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Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon Discusses the Dangers of Medical Tourism

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Dr. David D. Kim with Kim Bariatric Institute says U.S. patients considering weight loss surgery in other countries should be aware of the risks involved and should understand the importance of comprehensive aftercare services. Dallas, TX – Each year, many individuals in the United States embark on journeys to another country to obtain surgical procedures….

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Dr. David D. Kim Makes the List of America’s Top Doctors® Once Again!

The bariatric surgeons at Kim Bariatric Institute are dedicated to providing patients with the most effective weight loss surgery treatment options and the absolute best in overall care. Dr. David D. Kim created our comprehensive bariatric surgery program with the goal of giving individuals the tools they need to successfully fight morbid obesity and reduce…

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