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Living With Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a disease that often affects people struggling with obesity. While diabetes is common, with over 29 million affected in the U.S., there can still be a stigma attached to the condition. However, with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, along with healthy weight loss, Type 2 Diabetes can be managed…

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How to Handle a Weight Loss Stall

The motivation to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity, is a challenge that those struggling with obesity know well. Many bariatric patients try to lose weight through diet and exercise alone and eventually make the decision to have weight loss surgery to achieve their weight loss goals. Weight loss surgery is one…

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Exercise Tip

Walking benefits your body more than just helping you to burn calories! Some benefits of walking: -Helps maintain a healthy weight or promotes weight loss -Decreases the risk or helps manage high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes -Strengthens your bones -Lifts your mood -Improves balance and coordination Read more about how walking benefits your…

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3 Benefits of Cycling for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Bicycling has a ton of health benefits including; engaging your legs, burning calories and providing a sense of freedom and enjoyment. Here’s 3 reasons why Kim Bariatric is introducing Cycling with Nate to our fitness support program. It’s suitable for everyone, no matter your age or your fitness level. It’s a non impact exercise so…

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Pedometers are an excellent way to hold yourself accountable for getting in enough movement each day. Measure your daily step counts on an average day and build up from there. Try to work your way up to 10,000 steps per day!

Spread Joy While Burning Calories!

SING AWAY THE CALORIES! Make a goal to go Christmas caroling at 10 houses! Plan ahead and make sure the houses are spaced far enough apart that you walk one mile in total.

3 Tips for a Fit Black Friday

Burn off those Thanksgiving calories while you do your Black Friday shopping with these healthy tips: Park as far away from the mall or store as possible so the walk to and from your car is longer! Before you start your shopping, take a “lap” around the mall. You can check out all the sales…

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Tips to Avoid Bingeing on Halloween Candy

  Buy candy that you don’t like. Limit yourself to one fun-size candy per day. Chew sugar-free gum when you feel tempted to indulge. Make sure to have healthy alternatives on hand. Donate leftover candy! There are several organizations that take candy donations to send to our troops.

Believe in Yourself

Every time you try to do something, you give it a chance; a chance to succeed!

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