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Time Saving Tips for Healthy Cooking

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Preparing healthy meals can be difficult to fit into our already busy schedules. However, there are ways to minimize your time spent in the kitchen while maintaining your commitment to eating healthy.

– Be strategic.

A little planning and time spent on the weekend can go a long way throughout the busy workweek. Take a little time on Saturday or Sunday to chop a bunch of vegetables at once. Having your vegetables pre-chopped and ready to go can save a lot of time. You can quickly toss them into a stir-fry or scramble or simply snack on them with some hummus.

– Don’t fear the frozen options.

Stocking the freezer with some frozen vegetables can be another great kitchen hack. Frozen vegetables are generally as nutritionally beneficial as fresh ones. Since they come pre-cut you can cut down on meal prep time and get straight to cooking.    

– Don’t forget your protein.

Precook a pound of chicken on Sunday to have on hand for snacks and meals throughout the week. Having lean protein on hand and ready to go is a great way to support your healthy diet. Slice some to add to a salad for lunch or toss into a skillet with some vegetables for dinner.

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