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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Not Just Another Doctor Appointment

For years you have been battling extra pounds, feeling physically and emotionally dragged down by your weight. It wasn’t easy to decide to have weight loss surgery. You did your homework, thought about your options and picked an adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy or RNY gastric bypass. These surgeries are a tool to help you fight against obesity.

Now tell me if you find yourself in this situation. You are six months to years out from the day of your surgery and you have lost weight. You are grateful for the pounds you have lost, but you are not at your goal and you feel like something is missing. You may even find yourself living your old lifestyle with poor food choices and a lack of physical activity. You have no real sense of how much protein you are eating, even though you know it is important. When you had surgery you had every intention of following up with your bariatric team and were taught that follow-up and accountability was important. Somehow, however, you never really came in for your follow-up appointments. You found yourself unable to get out of work, having childcare issues, or experienced a significant life-changing event out of your control. Either way you haven’t had the nutritional guidance, medical care or encouragement to meet all of the expectations you had of yourself and your surgery. Does this scenario in any way sound familiar?

Follow-up is a crucial part of your care. We often fail to realize that obesity is a difficult to treat disease and for many reasons. Your weight is intimately associated with where and how you live your life. If you are not made aware of your lifestyle choices, eating habits, exercise habits, sleep and emotional health, then managing your weight becomes very difficult if not downright frustrating even after surgery.

Some people may feel that the surgery itself was somehow powerful enough to take control of their lifestyle and if they just were never hungry everything would be ok. Unfortunately that is not the case. Follow-up with your bariatric team allows us to diagnose vitamin deficiencies, dietary problems and help you problem solve. We also will help manage your adjustable gastric band and make sure you have an optimal fill level. Not too much and not too little.

If you have been away from your bariatric team for whatever reason, give us a call and schedule an appointment. You never know, we may find some keys to successful weight loss or maintenance together. Don’t let apathy, fear, shame or guilt keep you away from the professionals who have committed our lives to your success. Our greatest hope to build hope in you and empower you to succeed.

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