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Liquid Diet Recipes

Here are a few liquid diet recipes to help you on your journey – enjoy!

A Sweet Shake Alternative

Vanilla Shake Powder with GV Orange Early Rise Sugar Free Powder mixed tastes like Orange Sherbet (real sweet) for a shake alternate.

Liquid Chocolate Covered Cherry

You will need the following

  • 1 cherry/dark cherry sugar free jello
  • 7 to 8 of the cherry pomergrante ice cubes (hey thicker the better right?)
  • 8oz of skim milk, if you prefer less you can
  • Any one rounded scoop of the lovely Bari Essentials Chocolate Protein Powder

Combine all of these into the mixer, depending on your mixer I suggest the Ice Crush on HIGH first to make sure all the cubes are nicely crushed, then blend for about one minute, and finish it frappe style.

This could be an “ice cream” like treat!!

Another option is a “variety” shake with a scoop of vanilla BariEssential in decaf chocolate truffle flavored coffee.

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