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Hydrating Fluids


Staying adequately hydrated is important for everyone, especially during the hot summer months! Water not only helps quench thirst, but it is also considered an essential nutrient because it is needed for many body functions. Some of the processes in which water is needed include: temperature regulation, transportation of nutrients, maintaining normal bowel function, etc. After bariatric surgery, fluid intake becomes even more important due to the limited space you have available to store fluid. Dehydration can happen fast if you are not careful. With hectic schedules, it can be difficult to remember to drink the recommended amount of hydrating fluids. In counseling with patients struggling to get all of the recommended hydrating fluids in on a daily basis, I often recommend setting a timer on your phone. This helps you to remember to take a drink and also keeps you aware of your fluid progress. As technology has advanced, there are now several options available to help you keep track of your fluid intake. Some of my favorite water apps are below. All of these apps are free and help you track your fluid intake with the touch of a button!

Daily Water Free
Just Drink Water
Water for your Body


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