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How to stay motivated to exercise?


Losing weight demands a combined effort of diet and exercise. Eating healthy can, at times, be easier than exercising due to the fact that we have to eat in order to survive. Although most individuals want to exercise and have a normal weekly routine, typically lack of motivation can be a quick deterrent from getting the job done.  Below are a few tips and suggestions to help get you motivated to get moving:

-Right when you get up in the morning or get home from work, immediately put your exercise clothes on. Now you have to work out in order to change for the night!

-Ask yourself if you will regret skipping your workout?

-Tell yourself if you don’t work out today, you will have to make it up during the weekend. Most often you will knock out the workout in order to have it out of the way!

-Do something you enjoy for exercise: jump on the trampoline with your kids, go rollerblading, find a place to rock climb, etc. Look at exercise as something fun you get to do.

-Create mini challenges for yourself. Ex: Be able to lift 50 pounds or do 50 push-ups in one setting.

-Sign up for a group class. This schedules your workout for you. This pushes you out of the house in order to be on time for the exercise class.

-Listen to an audiobook when you exercise. In order to hear the rest of the story, you have to exercise. Try listening to seminars, sermons, articles, etc.

-Before skipping an exercise, remember how you feel after an exercise and write it down as a reminder.

-Tell yourself you can leave the gym after you warm up. By the time you warm up, you will be ready to hit it hard!

-Purchase a device that tracks your steps. You will find that you are competing with yourself on a daily basis to increase your daily steps.  

-Track your exercise. Seeing how much or how little exercise you complete on a weekly basis can be a motivating factor to get you moving more!

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