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Holiday Tips for Post Op Liquid Diets

Being on a liquid diet during the holiday season can be challenging but is 100% doable. Follow the tips below to help you coast through the holidays without a care.

Tips for Liquid Diets During the Holiday Season

  • Keep yourself busy! While off work it can become easy to make food the main focus. Take this time to catch up on birthday cards, making a picture book or calendar for the next year, address holiday cards, or use an adult coloring book to help you pass the time.
  • Change it up. Experiment with sugar-free syrups and extracts to change the flavor of your protein shakes. Davinci and Torani make great sugar-free options.
  • Get salty. Use flavor-less protein powders to add protein to soup, broths, or decaffeinated beverages to help you meet your daily protein goal without all of the sweetness. This will also help you to feel like you are having a meal.
  • Munch on sugar-free popsicles, gelatin, or get a sugar-free snow cone to alleviate your desire to crunch!
  • Try seasonal items! Use hydrating fluids to satisfy your holiday cravings. Try peppermint/ pumpkin spice decaffeinated tea, sugar-free hot chocolate, or warm up with a sugar-free apple cider.

We’re Here for You
We’re proud of you for making a change and seeking better health! Our medical staff and our dietitian are available to answer any questions. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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