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Healthy Holiday Tips for Staying on Track

The holidays can bring temptation in areas you would never imagine, from tempting treats at work to making holiday favorites with your family, just getting through the holiday season can be a diet battle. Your healthy lifestyle does not have to be sabotaged during the holidays. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you stay on track during the holiday months:

-Focus on your fluids! Set a goal to focus on increasing your fluids to help with appetite suppression during the holidays. Bring crystal light or sugar-free apple cider with you to holiday gatherings. This will alleviate the want to snack or have something sweet!

-Avoid skipping meals. Skipping meals can lead to overeating! Have a protein based snack at least 2 hours before attending any holiday gathering; this will help to control your appetite as well as contribute to portion control when it is time to eat!

-It can be really easy to get out of your normal routine during the holidays. Remember the eating behaviors you have adapted since surgery: do not eat standing up, sit down (at a table). Use utensils to eat, cut food into small bite sizes, pause in between each bite, and take your time to enjoy the food you are eating.

-Use sugar-free gum or a sugar-free mint after your meal to help decrease the calories you take in from sweets. Ask I truly hungry or is this head hunger?

-Toss the leftovers. Leftovers can lead to multiple “over-indulged” meals. Start fresh with your next meal, with the main focus on protein!

-Skip baking cookies for Santa and start a new tradition with your family by leaving carrot and celery sticks for Santa’s reindeer.

-Increase your exercise regimen. Try to set a goal to exercise every day! Exercise can be as simple as dancing in your room to as complex as running in your neighborhood. Find something you enjoy to do with others to help with accountability over this food laden season!

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