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Healthy Condiments


We all love to eat food with great flavor, but the items we use to flavor our meals can cause a major diet downfall. Try using spices, dry rubs, herbs, or condiments that have very few calories to flavor your meals to avoid sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

Low carb/sugar condiment options:

No-added sugar ketchup*

Low-sodium soy sauce       

Pesto ( red or green)*                                                                   

Light or low-fat salad dressings (≤50 per serving)*                    Lemon/lime juice   


Mustard(spicy, Dijon)

Low-sodium Worcestershire sauce


Low-fat mayonnaise*


Sugar-free jelly/jam*

Plain Greek yogurt  

Hot sauce(tabasco)


Low-sugar marinara sauce*

Flavored vinegars


Pickle relish

Sugar-free syrup

*make sure to measure condiments as they will still contain calories and carbohydrates

Avoid HIGH SUGAR or HIGH FAT condiments:

High sugar:

Regular ketchup

Sweet salad dressings

Barbecue sauce

Tartar sauce


High sugar sauces (Polynesian, sweet and sour, etc.)

Honey Mustard



High fat:

Mayonnaise Full-Fat Salad dressings

(Caesar, ranch, etc.)  

Sour Cream

Cream Cheese

Important things to remember:

-Avoid making food too spicy, as this may encourage you to drink directly after a meal.

-Avoid soaking your food in condiments; this can cause your food to become softer = faster digestion.

-Be mindful of condiment use. When in doubt, use measuring spoons so you know exactly what you are taking in!  

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