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Facts About Fats

Kim_Bariatric_Dietitian_Tips_Facts_Fats_FB   Research has shown that incorporating healthy fat in your diet can be very beneficial to your health. However, too much fat, regardless of if the fat is a healthy fat or not, can lead to weight stalls or even weight gain. Below are a few tips to help you incorporate fat in your diet without overdoing it.

  • Limit fat to two servings per day. A serving of fat should be equal to 50 calories or five grams of fat. Some examples include: six almonds, one teaspoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of hummus, etc.
  • Avoid snacking on healthy fats. Fats are calorically dense, meaning a small amount can add up to a lot of calories very quickly. Due to the fact that fat begins breaking down in the mouth, you will also be able to physically eat more of them than of protein because protein does not start breaking down until it hits your stomach.
  • Try mixing two tablespoons of reduced-fat or light salad dressing, such as ranch, with salsa. This will help you to cut back on fat without having to decrease the flavor of your meals.
  • Add PB2 to protein shakes in place of peanut butter. This will cut back on at least fifteen grams of fat.
  • Take the guesswork out of it by purchasing pre-portioned fats: 100 calories guacamole, 90 calorie almonds, etc.

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