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Become a Morning Exerciser


Are you struggling to get your workout in because you’re too tired after work, but can’t get out of bed in the morning? Try some of these tips to help your day get off to a great start:

#1. Plan your workout timeframe the night before. This will allow you to sleep until the last minute you are able to and will keep you on track so that you can get to work on time!
#2. Pack your bag. If you are going to the gym, visualize your morning routine, do you have everything you need to get ready in the morning? this will significantly help to reduce stress.
#3. Sleep in your workout clothes. This helps you get to your workout as fast as possible.
#4. Move your alarm clock to the other side of the room. This forces you to get out of bed to turn the alarm off. Now your out of bed so you can get moving!
#5. Schedule a date. Meeting up with another person for a workout keeps you accountable.
#6. Tell the world about your plans. Use social media to help encourage you and keep you motivated to get to your morning routine. Check in at the gym as a reward to yourself for getting there!

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