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Avoiding Sweet Indulgences Over Thanksgiving


So by now, most of you are prepared for Thanksgiving; maybe not physically but mentally we have all prepared ourselves for what our Thanksgiving will look like. For some, it will be decarbing your holiday meal and serving a healthier version to your friends and family members. Others will prepare by bringing their own low carb dish to Thanksgiving. While some may take a chance and try to make the best with what is being served. Either way we know our basic eating plan. What happens when our plan is threatened by obstacles, such as: Grandma Jean saying, “What do you mean you’re not eating a piece of banana crème pie? I made it just for you.” You can plan mentally what you are going to eat or even physically by bringing your own dish; however we never know how someone else might react to our diet decisions. So it is important to have a plan ready for these situations. Sometimes the best thing to say is “No thank you”. If that doesn’t work, try coming up with something fun and clever as a means to respectfully decline those indulgences.

Try using:

– “Oh it all looks so delicious and you always make such good desserts, but my doctor has told me to stay away from sugar right now.”

– “I am too full to eat another thing. Thank you though.”

– “Thanks, but I don’t tolerate sweets that well anymore. Dinner was delicious!”

– “It looks great, but I’m afraid if I have one bite I will eat it all. I have done really well with my diet and weight loss lately so I want to try to stay on track.” (Sometimes honesty is the best policy)

Practice saying some of the phrases above or whatever you come up with, it will make the process so much easier.

Below are a few more tips that can help you sail right past the sweet temptations:

-Eat really slow. By the time others are finished with their meal and headed to the dessert section, you will still be smooth sailing with your healthy low-carb meal. Most people will be too concerned with their own dessert and do not bother to ask what you are going to be having after they are completely finished eating. Encouraging others to consume desserts typically happens when the person asking is also about to eat dessert.

-Remember that most likely you have tasted that sweet indulgence before and don’t have to try them. Tell yourself: “I’ve done so well so far today, why would I mess that up for a cookie/piece of pie that I know what it tastes like?”

-Chew dessert flavored gum, such as: EXTRA® Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie, Orange Crème Pop, Key Lime Pie, Root Beer Float, Rainbow Sherbet, Cinnamon Roll, and Peach Cobbler. A lot of these gum flavors taste exactly like the food items but with only 5 calories!!!

-Start a game directly after everyone has finished eating. This will get others minds off of what you are eating.

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