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Dr. Kim’s dedication to your success has motivated him to employ a new Physician Assistant. The unique benefit to all of us is that his new PA is also a registered dietitian. Please allow me to introduce David Kellenberger RD, PA-C.
Many of you have met him in the support group meetings, many others during office visits. I would like to share his educational background and experience with you so that you may feel confident that the information you receive from this blog is valid and will benefit you.
David’s Educational background includes a Bachelors Degree with honors in Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Florida. He did his internship in Medical Nutrition Therapy from Mass General/Harvard Medical School. He has served as a clinincal dietitian for North Florida Regional Medical Center for Obesity a bariatric center of excellence for two years. He has also worked in the area of research and development in nutritional supplements. Since 2007 he has worked as a Certified Physician Assistant for a Gastroenterologist/Internal Medicine group and General Medicine/Diabetes/Metabolism Clinic. As you can see for his young years he has accomplished a great deal and he is a delightful addition to our program. If that isn’t enough he is multilingual, speaking German and Spanish.
As you can see he has a wide range of experience and knowledge so you can feel very comfortable sending in your questions.

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