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Allison’s Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day


Are you feeling the llllloooooovvvveeee this month? February is the month when we focus on celebrating the love we have with our special one. Valentine’s Day can be fun but when trying to lose weight it can cause majority anxiety trying to figure out how to avoid those tempting treats that are lurking around the office and at home. Below are a few ways to make this day and month special without causing a major hiccup in your diet!

  • Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut high protein food. Cut hearts into turkey pepperonis and low-fat cheese to make a cute decorative platter for the work party.
  • Incorporate red foods in your meals and snacks. This “Chicken Amore” recipe from would be perfect for this occasion: Swap the sour cream in the recipe for plain Greek yogurt to incorporate even more protein into your romantic dish.
  • Fancy up your drink without adding lots of calories. Pour raspberry crystal light into a champagne flute and top with a raspberry for a low calorie romantic twist on a classic drink.
  • Find ways to show your love without food.
  • Write your sweetheart a letter or design your own sentimental valentine’s day card.
  • Do a fun activity together. Go putt-putt golfing, bowling, or ice skating together.
  • Watch a romantic comedy at home snuggled up with a fuzzy blanket.


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