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Allison’s Healthy Holiday Tips


Losing weight during the holidays can be challenging, however, when there is a will there is a way! For a second think about all the things you associate with the holidays. Food? Family? Friends? Holiday treats? Changing your holiday focus can significantly impact your dietary choices during this special time of the year. Below are a few tips to help you stay on track with your meal plan over the holiday season:

Change up your holiday focus:
Avoid making food the main focus at family gatherings or holiday parties. Focus on spending time with family and friends during this time. Think of activities you can all do together, such as: playing a fun card game, look at Christmas lights together, or rent a family movie that everyone can enjoy. Sure, food will be available at these events, however it does not have to be the main focus for everyone.

Remember to make the best of your situation:
Don’t avoid social gatherings just because you are trying to lose weight. This can lead to a feeling of deprivation causing you to ultimately resent your healthy lifestyle. Instead focus on making the best of your situation by making a plan before you go to special events.

Make a Plan Before You Go:

  • Eat a protein based meal or snack (if going to a dinner party) before attending your social event. This will help to keep your hunger level at bay which in turn will prevent you from overindulging on tempting treats.
  • Avoid hanging around the food table to talk. Many times we nonchalantly hang around the food table while enjoying conversation with friends, family, and coworkers. However, this can cause us to graze on food and high calorie beverages without paying attention to it. Make a plate and walk away from the table to help you to be more aware of the food and beverages that you are taking in.
  • If you are attending a dinner party, bring a healthy dish. By bringing a protein food option, you will at least know that there will be one healthy thing that you can eat at the event. Some great options include: mini-meatballs, turkey lil smokies, or a deli meat and cheese tray.
  • Bring a game with you or suggest something fun to do at the party (walking around the neighborhood to look at lights, charades, go bowling)
  • Avoid taking leftovers home. Start fresh at the next meal!

When you fall off track with your meal plan..Relax! Remember you’re only human. You are focusing on a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. Diets tend to lead to an all or nothing mentality. If you eat something that you weren’t supposed to, do not fret just focus back on protein at your next meal!

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