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Jerry weightloss testimonial
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Dr. David Kim Kim Bariatric Institute

Aside Testimonial

Erlinda N. – Lost 120 pounds

“I have experienced incredible changes in my life after losing over 120 lbs with weight loss surgery. I no longer have high blood pressure. I also no longer have sleep…”
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Saida V. – Lost 60 pounds

“Having surgery has been an extremely positive life change for me… In 10 weeks I have lost over 60 pounds. From a size 18/20 clothes size three months ago to a size 10…”
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Kathy D. – Lost 161 pounds

“There are no words to express the amount of change that weight loss surgery has brought to my life. I am a 54 year old female. Yes the surgery worked even at my age…”
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John E. – Lost 90 pounds

“I went to Dr. Kim’s seminar and left there with complete ease, feeling like he cared about me and my health. We met for the first office visit, and I was totally impressed…”
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Vivian P. – Lost 140 pounds

“First off….this surgery will give you your life back. It is a total life changing surgery and I feel like I owe Dr. Kim and his staff my life since they restored mine to me…”
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