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Kim Bariatric Certified

What It Means to Be “Kim Bariatric Institute Certified”(KBI Certified)

Dr. David Kim has devoted his surgical career to the fight against obesity. This is a very complex disease that can encompass many factors: genetics, medical disorders, life stresses, and injuries just to name a few. It is this complexity that makes the treatment of obesity so difficult. With his experience of over 6000 patients, Dr. Kim has learned the most effective methods to treat this complex disease. These modalities will include surgery, emotional support, nutritional education and sometimes medications.

This also means that the complexity of this disease will require a “team” concept to successfully treat obesity. For example, if a patient requires a gallbladder removal, a patient can do well regardless of what the patient chooses to eat or whether he or she decides to exercise. After selecting the proper bariatric operation and consulting with our doctor, the patients’ decisions and actions will have a direct hand in how well they do for years to come.

Surgical education is provided not only by a registered nurse but also by a bariatric certified nurse. Dr. Kim has evaluated the nursing staff individually to provide accurate, helpful, and consistent education to allow a patient to recover fully after surgery. Dr. Kim educates the nursing staff as they become patient advocates, sensitive to obesity related issues. Dr. Kim along with bariatric nurses and medical assistants discuss each patient and course of treatment they will need to be successful. Each patient receives an individualized treatment plan specific to his or her medical conditions. These plans are overseen by Dr. Kim. A KBI certified nurse is a highly educated nurse.

Physician Assistants(P.A.) are an integral part of the Kim Bariatric Institute. To become certified by Dr. Kim, each P.A. must understand the disease process of obesity and help our surgeons carry out individualized treatment plans. For example, LAP-BAND® System patients must be seen once a month for the first year after surgery. Each office visit will require the surgeon or P.A. to assess the progress of the patient, interpret the barium swallow, provide a saline fill, and give helpful instructions to continue progress. Dr. Kim has individually trained each P.A. in the science of successful weight loss. Each P.A. has been thoroughly educated to proper bariatric nutrition. This knowledge is vital to assist a patient through their weight loss journey. Each P.A. has also been trained to help in the evaluation of post-operative patients. They can help our surgeons to spot out any potential problems and assist in rounds. They are encouraged each year to attend continuing medical education classes to expand their knowledge base as it pertains to obesity. They have been trained to be sensitive to the emotional needs of a bariatric patient. A KBI certified physician’s assistant is a resource of helpful medical knowledge and sensitive to the needs of the weight loss patient.

KBI-certified nutritionists and dieticians are an important cornerstone to our Institute. Each patient has tried numerous diets that ultimately fail. They come to us seeking help. That help will usually come in the form of bariatric surgery. Studies have shown that diets alone will fail 98% of the time. The most effective form of treatment for the morbidly obese patient is bariatric surgery and proper nutrition. Our patients may have developed years of unsuccessful habits and they need proper education about what they should eat after LAP-BAND® System Surgery, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass or Duodenal Switch surgery. Our chief dietician trained at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Under the tutelage of Dr. David Kim, together they have employed the most modern techniques to help patients eat in healthy ways. Dr. Kim oversee’s the dietary education provided through the dieticians and nutritionists both pre-operatively and post-operatively. The ordinary dietician may be helpful to an overweight patient if they have had weight loss surgery. But a KBI certified dietician will provide specific nutrition counseling based upon the type of surgery he or she has selected. Our KBI certified dieticians use the most up to date equipment to educate patients. They can measure the precise amount of calories their metabolism needs. Armed with bariatric surgery so the patient isn’t so hungry, they can finally succeed to make proper choices. Our chief dietician even takes the patients quarterly on a field trip through the grocery store to reinforce this new found education! KBI certified P.A.’s and dieticians go the extra mile to help you through your journey.

At KBI, Dr. Kim considers access to health care important. Without access, a patient may not receive the surgery he or she deserves. This surgery could be lifesaving, and could improve the quality of one’s life. This is where KBI-certified insurance coordinators come in. They are vital to the insurance process. Patients get to surgery either through insurance, or through their own personal finances. Our Insurance Coordinators help both set of patients either through the difficult insurance approval process or by helping a patient seek a loan through lending institutions. A patient may have “bariatric benefits” but this does not equate to providing the necessary services a patient needs. They must go though an insurance approval process that is, at times, difficult for a patient to navigate on his or her own. KBI certified insurance coordinators have all had bariatric surgery themselves so they know how important this is to you! Our coordinators Kathleen, Melissa and Summar will guide each patient through the insurance approval process because the rules are different for each insurance carrier, and different for each plan even under the same carrier! This may require necessary insurance classes and ordering pre-operative studies. Dr. Kim writes personalized letters to the insurance company to help with the approval process. KBI certified insurance coordinators are up to date with the latest insurance policy changes. In summary, a KBI insurance coordinator is one of the best patient advocates in the business. They have an excellent comprehensive knowledge base to help a patient to surgery in a timely manner.

Dr. Kim and KBI certified coordinators recognize not all patients have insurance benefits that cover weight loss surgery. Dr. Kim has arranged affordable prices for all operations with local-area hospitals that covers not just his fees, but also anesthesia and hospital costs. Please see Cost of Surgery Section.

Our coordinators can help you look at possible loans from lending institutions to finance this operation. Surgeries are not inexpensive, but affordable to most with financing. We want to provide true value in your journey to empower you in the battle over weight control. The costs of living with obestiy and its associated diseases is a tremendous burden. We will provide a means to start you on your new life!

A KBI certified staff member is a patient advocate. Rarely under one roof has so many patient care advocates been assembled under one roof under the guidance of Dr. Kim. Here are just a few examples of our patient advocates.

KBI certified P.A.’s, nutritionists, and dieticians are devoted specialists who partner with our patients during their journey to success embodies the spirit of caring Dr. Kim and the KBI staff have instilled into the Colleyville location. KBI certified means that the patient wearing this badge – show badge here – has been personally trained by Dr. Kim himself. They will use the most modern methods to teach and aid patients through the surgical process. Dr. Kim uses the most cutting edge surgical technology with compassion for effective results. He expects the same level of quality and a commitment to excellence with each KBI certified team member. This rigorous commitment to become KBI certified is achieved at the Colleyville office. This is important to a patient because a KBI certified team member is a devoted patient advocate. This means a patient will receive excellent care.

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