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Dallas Weight Loss Surgeon Says Access To Obesity Treatment Needs to Increase… and Soon

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Dr. David Kim responds to the American Medical Association’s classification of obesity as a disease and reveals why a multifaceted treatment approach is necessary for success. Dallas, TX – Obesity rates have been climbing to epidemic status in this country, and the American Medical Association (AMA) has recently classified the condition as a disease. This…

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Tips to Avoid Binging on Halloween Candy


  Buy candy that you don’t like. Limit yourself to one fun-size candy per day. Chew sugar-free gum when you feel tempted to indulge. Make sure to have healthy alternatives on hand. Donate leftover candy! There are several organizations that take candy donations to send to our troops.

Is Bariatric Surgery Necessary For Success?

My previous blog post explained why we at Kim Bariatric Institute believe obesity requires a multi-factor approach to treatment. Insurance companies and employers together need to see this disease as a growing problem, and realize that giving everyone a gym membership is not going to automatically fix anything. The use of diet, exercise, and pills…

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November Support Group

November Support Group Kim Bariatric Institute

Join us Wednesday, November 5th at 6:30PM as we discuss TOOLS FOR WEIGHT LOSS & HOW TO SURVIVE THE HOLIDAYS! You can join us in person at our KBI Office or STREAM THE SUPPORT GROUP LIVE! Learn more

Bariatric Vitamins


Get your daily dose of vitamins in a delicious refreshing drink with Fortify Nutritionals multivitamin fruit punch drink mix, BariComplete!

What Is The Best Way To Treat Obesity?


In part one and part two of our blog series on Obesity as a Disease, I discussed the need to increase the public’s access to treatment. However, the fact that morbid obesity is caused by so many contributing factors is one of the reasons the disease is very complicated to treat. When someone has a…

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Are you considering Bariatric Surgery but not sure if it will be covered by your insurance? We offer a FREE INSURANCE CHECK! Our staff is trained and dedicated to help you receive the most insurance coverage possible! Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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