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Kim Bariatric Institute Staff

Dr. David Kim is very proud to have a team of caring, committed employees who share his enthusiasm and passion for bariatric treatment. All of our team members are very skilled at what they do and offer a high level of friendly, personalized care. Learn more about who will be helping you to live life again!

Pam – Bariatric Nurse Coordinator

Pam has worked with Dr. Kim since the inception of our Dallas, Fort Worth, and Frisco-area bariatric surgery practice. She is a certified bariatric nurse specialist and a patient advocate throughout all the stages a patient experiences. She has tremendous clinical knowledge, which she applies with care and compassion. Pam is in charge of our pre-operative teaching and education program, Bariatric University. She also leads our follow-up care programs and support groups for patients after their procedure. Her sister was operated on by Dr. Kim and is one of our practice’s many satisfied patients. Pam has personally seen over 4,000 weight loss surgery patients with Dr. Kim.

Certified Physician Assistants

CPAs-1024x531From left to right:

Holly – Certified Physician Assistant, Registered Dietitian

Holly chose to work with Kim Bariatric Institute because it combined her years of experience as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Physician Assistant into one practice and allowed her to work with others who are passionate about health and wellness. She became a Registered Dietitian in 1991 and worked with pediatric weight management and Adult diabetic management before graduated with honors from The University of North Texas in Fort Worth with a Master in Physician Assistant Studies in 2005.

Christine – Certified Physician Assistant

Christine graduated with honors from The University of North Texas in Fort Worth with her Master in Physician Assistant Studies. Christine chose bariatrics with Dr. Kim because first and foremost, she wanted to be a part of a team that demanded excellence, skill and compassion for the benefit of their patents. She is dedicated to making a difference and has learned the immense rewards of changing the lives and future health and happiness of our patients. She stays motivated by being surrounded by the other highly trained and motivated Kim Bariatric Certified staff members, that inspire and fuel her passion for changing the lives of all the patients.

Nives – Certified Physician Assistant

If you need tips on starting an exercise regimen or spicing up an existing one, Nives is the best place to start. Not only is she a Certified Physician Assistant, but she is also a certified group fitness instructor and a certified lifestyle weight management coach. She has been an instructor at Lifetime Fitness since 2005, so she knows how to manage a full time job, while still getting in your needed time at the gym. After a family history of Obesity, Nives decided to get into Bariatrics and has been working with weight loss surgery patients since 2006. She is an expert in the art of Lap Band fills.

Medical Assistants

Medical-Assistants-1024x531From left to right:

Cindy – Medical Assistant

Cindy is a patient of Dr Kim’s who had weight loss revision surgery in May 2011. She is now a Registered Medical Assistant helping with patient assessment and intake. As our resident bilingual staffer, Cindy also translates for our Spanish speaking patients. Her personal experience with weight loss surgery helps her to be able to relate to our patients and their post bariatric care. Her revision history is an invaluable resource for patients considering which operation to choose.

Amy – Medical Assistant

Amy’s smiling face can be seen rooming patients and assisting with patient histories. She has been a Certified Medical Assistant since 2004.

Tammie – Medical Assitant

Tammie is one of the newer members of our clinic staff assisting with patient intake and histories. She became a certified Medical Assistant in 2007 and is passionate about helping patients and those in need.

Bariatric Insurance Coordinators

Insurance-Coordinators-Group-shot-2-v2-1024x531From left to right:

Tiffani – Bariatric Insurance Coordinator

Tiffani first came to Kim Bariatric Institute as a patient receiving gastric sleeve surgery in Jan 2012 and has lost 90lbs. Drawing from her experience as a patient she will guide you through the payment options with the goal of making your weight loss journey as positive and successful as her own.

Summar – Bariatric Insurance Coordinator

Summar, with the kindness and empathy that comes from personal experience with weight loss surgery, will work for you with the insurance companies to get your surgery approved after you have met your requirements. In 2006 Summar had her own weight loss surgery and has since lost over 180lbs, so she understands how daunting the insurance process can be to a patient.

Melissa – Bariatric Insurance Coordinator

Melissa has the valuable experience that is necessary to gain approval from insurance companies. Her efforts and hard work make it possible for many of our patients to go through with bariatric surgery and to receive the life-changing benefits that are possible with treatment. Melissa also had bariatric surgery by Dr. Kim and, as a patient herself, she understands the insurance and financial concerns that patients experience.

Kathleen – Scheduling Manager

kathleenKathleen is the manager of the Bariatric scheduling office. Our patients can expect attention to detail and some TLC as Kathleen gets them scheduled for surgery. After her own personal experience with weight loss surgery, she has been working in Bariatrics since 2005. Following years of struggling with her own weight, she is down over 200 lbs since her gastric bypass in 2002 and understands the issues facing patients getting ready for surgery.

Kat – New Patient Coordinator

katAs New Patient Coordinator Kat will typically be one of the first people you talk to when you contact Kim Bariatric Institute. She will happily answer any initial questions you may have about the surgeries, insurance, and aftercare before your initial appointment. After years of helping patients start on their weight loss journey, Kat became a patient of Dr. Kim having Gastric Sleeve surgery in June 2014.

Jennifer – Insurance

jenniferJennifer works directly with the insurance companies to work out the last minute details of patient coverage including remaining deductibles and pre-surgical amounts due to the office.

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